EHI seminar: « Ambivalences of Europeanization: Going beyond teleological thinking about Europe »

by Timm Beichelt & Clara Maddalena Frysztacka

Tuesday, 22 February 2022, 5:00PM CET via Webex

(for the Webex link please contact Adelina Stefan at

The project “Ambivalences of Europeanization” aims to reflect on the concept of Europeanization. While ambivalences form a crucial aspect of modernization research, there has been no systematic reflection on the ambivalences of Europeanization. On the basis of numerous case studies, the authors argue that crises, conflicts and contradictory phenomena cannot be regarded as undesirable side effects of an otherwise « well-intentioned » and successful Europeanization. Rather, those ambivalences that are evident in colonialism or in the European history of violence are inscribed in the modern concept of Europeanization and accounts for its polyvalence. 

Timm Beichelt is Professor of European Studies at European University Viadrina Frankfurt/Oder.

Clara Maddalena Frysztacka is research associate at European University Viadrina Frankfurt/Oder.