Digitalisation at the Publications Office of the European Union

Since the 1970s, the Publications Office of the European Union, the official publisher of all the institutions and bodies of the EU, has had to adapt to a fast-changing situation as the number of EU Member States has grown and the number and nature of publications has evolved (including publishing public tenders of EU institutions … Continued

St. Gallen Symposium: Trust in the EU

This Symposium is one of the world’s leading platforms for intergenerational dialogue. Every year, it brings together the most promising representatives of the « younger generations » with the « senior leaders » from business, politics and society and search for common answers to pressing questions of our time. The Luxembourgish event has taken place in hybrid form as … Continued

Exploring European Digital Cultures

Entitled “A history of online virality” (HIVI),this project (2021-2024), which is led Valérie Schafer at the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH) / University of Luxembourg and supported by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (C20/SC/14758148), aims to reveal, historicise and communicate about the intangible experience and heritage of viral content, with a strong focus on four European … Continued